Business Set Up

Starting a business has always been exciting and tempting, but it’s never been an easy task to do. At this level, everyone has the concern of wasting time, money, and pure ideas. Our Business set-up services will help you to take a step in the right direction.

Branding Solutions

The secret to success in your business is nothing strange; you need to have a unique presence in the marketplace. Our Branding Solutions will help your business look different from your competitors.

Marketing Solutions

These days, attracting the client’s attention is more challenging than ever. If you want to be your clients’ choice, you must have something special to surpass your competitors. Hence, marketing is one of the essential requirements for a company to survive.

Business Set-up

Solutsy Group gives you solutions to start your business successfully. The first step may feel impossible, but we help you to take it firmly!

Branding Solutions

Solutsy Group offers creative solutions until you have your own unique brand, one that lasts in the clients’ minds.

Marketing Solutions

We know how to grab the attention of your audiences and help you be found. With us, your business meets the global reach.

Who We Are

Solutsy Group is a Canadian business solution provider which deals specifically in business set up, branding, and marketing.

Our Mission

Our mission is to persuade and help entrepreneurs, producers and business persons to achieve their dreams. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the  Canadian leading business solution provider that has proven its clients three words of creativity, innovation, and quality.

Our Experience

Solutsy Group is one of the most trusted business solution providers, considering 21 years of experience, performing more than 5000 projects.

Our Team

Solutsy Group consists of business experts and supportive staffs who strive with an incredible passion to make every client successful.

Professional Services

Business Purchase

We can help you to buy the business that is right for you, and guide you to successfully expand it.

Market Research

Our specialists provide comprehensive research on today’s market and its needs. That is essential to take your right path.

Business Consultation

Do you have an innovative idea to start your own business, but you aren’t sure how to do it?! Ask us ans we shall help you.

Business Plan

Almost all successful businesses have a business plan; create your unique business plan and guarantee your success.

Business Financing

Maybe you, like thousands of others, are eligible to get a business loan. So, try your best to get to your goals faster.

Franchise Agreement

As a franchise business, you need to prepare a detailed Franchise Agreement. We are eager to help you.

Trust Agreement

Our specialists adjust a precise Trust Agreement for anyone who wants to transfer the ownership rights of his assets.

Shareholders’ Agreement

Shareholders’ Agreement is the necessary document that specifies your rights. Solutsy Group will adjust it attentively.

Partnership Agreement

No matter who your business partner is, you need to set the Partnership Agreement including all the details.

We are help you to grow your business

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