SET up

Needless to say that Canada’s stable and fast-growing economy has tempted many investors and businessmen to start their own business in this attractive country. However, having a successful business in Canada is not that easy!

At the start, you need to have a creative and unique business idea that responds to market demands. Then, you must follow all the necessary steps for starting and registering a business in Canada. So, all you need is a professional, experienced and trusted team that let you entrust all the crucial steps of business set-up to them, and give you the opportunity to focus on running your business.

At Solutsy Group, we aim to reduce your concerns and help you achieve your dreams. We make sure that our solutions will not only aid you successfully register your business, but also support you and your business throughout the growth and development processes.


Business registration

Each Canadian province and territory has its own rules for business registration. Choose the structure (sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation) that’s right for your current circumstances. Our specialists are ready to give you the advice you may need before starting your business and to help you register your own business.


Business supplements

When you’re staring your business, you need to have all the required permits and licenses from the federal, provincial, territorial or municipal governments. There are a variety of permits and licenses for doing business in Canada which depends on your industry, city, and province. Put your mind at ease and dedicate this to us.



You run your small business with a keen eye for growth – Proper management of your books is essential to gaining credibility with each of your financial institutions and professional or investment partners. Integrating our solutions with your business will provide you with the financial management credibility they require.


Let us know about your special requests and we shall be able to offer you the best possible solutions.